Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrubs are the protective wears worn by nurses in an in-patient hospital. They also wear them in the operating rooms as a protective measure. They are made from cotton and polyester fabrics which make them very comfortable. They have short-sleeved shirts and the pants have stringed waists. Their colors depend on one’s preference or the hospital’s theme color.

Before scrubs began to be introduced in hospitals, nurses together with other medical personnel used to wear normal clothes with a lab coat on top but this has since changed. The following are some of the benefits of using nursing scrubs:

Nursing scrubs keep things sanitary. They protect the nurse from harmful spills and patient body fluids. They also protect the patient because the nurse could carry infectious microorganisms with their home clothes. Once they change their clothing, they are able to protect themselves and also their patients since they are always sanitized and kept clean.

Blue sky uniforms scrubs are made of sturdy materials that enable them to have the ability to absorb germs. The scrubs are then able to go through some very easy and rigorous cleaning. Their study material enables the scrubs to be able to withstand high temperatures that are experienced when sterilizing the clothing in an autoclave machine. Most materials are unable to withstand such high temperatures and they will snap easily.

They give nurses good comfort because they spend almost all day on their feet doing multiple tasks and procedures. They are loose fitting and have elasticized waists so that the nurse can maintain his/her comfort when working.

Nursing scrubs are not costly because they are made of cheap and locally available fabric. In case they wear out or are damaged they can be easily replaced by the nurse or the hospital.

They make it easier to identify the nursing staff in a hospital because of wearing the same outfit. The nurses in different departments can have different colors of uniforms so that it is easier to identify different nurses in different departments. Get additional info at

Scrubs help to create a more uniformed healthcare system just like police have the same uniform. The scrubs create unity among the nursing staff and enable them to build a professional bond due to the unity created because of using the same uniform.

They prevent the nurses’ personal clothes from being damaged when they are coming into contact with the patient in the workplace. Their clothes could come into contact with bodily fluids or any discharge.

They prevent the spread of pathogens like the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) which is able to thrive in other types of clothing except for nursing scrubs.

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